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the photostick mobile

Do not Buy The PhotoStick Mobile Before You Read this Honest Review!

Do Not Waste Your Money, Does The PhotoStick Mobile Really Work?

Find out the facts, advantages disadvantages about The PhotoStick Mobile before you make a decision if you like to purchase one.

It comes as no surprise that with an extensive evolution of technology, phones have reached peak popularity.

They have now become a very integral component of our lives.

Storage is another thing most of us struggle with.

If you’re like most people and love to click countless selfies and pictures, storage might be quite a daunting struggle for you.

Now, another infuriating component is clearing up your storage which means deleting your pictures.

Several instances of phone damage occur starting from damage caused by slipping through hands due to their slick texture.

With such circumstances, backing up your data is a must if you want to hold on to your beautiful memories.

The PhotoStick Mobile is a substantially unique and easy-to-use app that comes with only the most effortless functioning features.

Gone are those days when you have to feel overwhelmed about deleting several images or even losing out on them.

Now store each one of your favorites on this exquisite device.

People usually tend to forget where they saved their images and have difficulties finding them later.

But with The PhotoStick Mobile , you can find all those forgotten pictures and videos, all thanks to the pre-installed software, which saves you from all the hard work and finds them for you.

The The PhotoStick Mobile is unquestionable, the most convenient way to find your pictures.

An added benefit of working with the The PhotoStick Mobile is that it gives you extra space to work.

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What is The PhotoStick Mobile ?


The PhotoStick Mobile is a distinctively convenient device to instantly back-up your respective device’s images or videos in less than a few seconds.

It comes with an intricate finish and looks vaguely like a USB flash drive.

However, one of the chief components that distinguishes this device from most other devices is that it can be structurally operated and administered on any mobile device that is incorporated with a USB port.

Moreover, this device is implemented with unique in-built software.

This software then plays a chief role in exploring and detecting the pictures you potentially lost.

  • Storage variants:

The PhotoStick Mobile comes in three different storage variants, like the 8gb, 64gb, and 128gb variants.

The PhotoStick Mobile works automatically, and you do not need to sit in front of the computer screen for long hours to back-up your data.

People who do not have much information about computers and mobiles too can use The PhotoStick Mobile, as it is that easy to work with.

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Why choose The PhotoStick Mobile?

You can utilize it without any internet connection

You might already know this but most storage devices that you may utilize and operate require a robust internet connection.

Lucky for you, The PhotoStick Mobile works miraculously well without needing any internet.

You can deliberately create a photo-video backup by barely putting in any efforts at all.

Yes, it is just that simple.

Store your memories until the very end

The most impressive and compelling feature of this storage device is the mere fact that you can now store your pictures for a tremendously long time.

Not only do you have the chance at seeing your pictures anytime and every time but you can also guard them for the rest of your life.

Whether you want to protect your cute aesthetic pictures with your best friend, cherishing photos you took at your childhood trip, or some beautiful memories with someone you post, you can do so with this ultimately game-changing product.

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How does The PhotoStick Mobile work?

This device is substantially small in size.

It is very comparable to a flash drive and is incorporated with a brilliant USB port that is compatible with all types of computers.

The device takes over one minute to read and register on plugging it in.

Now, you may see a window pop up on your screen.

You can conveniently give The PhotoStick Mobile access to your monitor by clicking on the go button.

Backup option and all other features will be visible to you.

The PhotoStick Mobile for iphone can be used to share the pictures, videos, and files stored on it with friends if you have an Apple device.

If you have a The PhotoStick Mobile for iphone, you never need to delete your precious pictures and videos for clearing up space.

The PhotoStick Mobile for android can be used on devices with Android versions 4.4 or later.

The PhotoStick Mobile works on devices with micro-USB and USB-C phones as well.

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The PhotoStick Mobile Features

You might not know this yet but The PhotoStick Mobile has a myriad of exciting features to offer.

These features without a doubt make this device a viable option for users compared to most storage devices.

  • File format compatibility

When it comes to the compatibility of this device, you got nothing to worry.

The PhotoStick Mobile is compatible with almost every format type.

Not many storage devices work efficiently and are even compatible with every other file format.

This is not the case with The PhotoStick Mobile.

It systematically assists varied formats starting from JPG, MOV, GIF, PNG, JPEG, and much more.

You can now easily back up each file that you save on a CD on this device in seconds, by a single click.

Sometimes, many of us buy devices that store your files in different formats.

This can be quite risky, considering you might potentially lose the chance of accessing your files in the near future.

  • One-click back up

Furthermore, as previously stated, with this device, you can back-up all your files by just pressing on one button.

It’s that easy.

On plugging into the The PhotoStick Mobile device, you will see a pop-up window display on yo screen.

Click on the go button to deliberately give access to The PhotoStick Mobile to your device’s hard drive.

Now, all you have to do it wait for a few minutes as the backup proceeds on its own.

  • Supported on any device

The PhotoStick Mobile lets you access the content which you backed up on it on any other device, and you wont face any difficulties or trouble opening them.

You don’t need to use the same device you used for backing up the data to access it.

The PhotoStick Mobile is completely compatible with any MAC or PC.

  • Automated Back-up

Any other back-up storage device would require physically selecting each photo and file you want to back-up.

In the case of The PhotoStick Mobile, the back-up is done automatically as soon as it is plugged into your device.

The PhotoStick Mobile has a pre-installed software that will automatically back-up your photos and files and store them for easy access.

The back-up process of The PhotoStick Mobile is faster when compared to any other form of storage back-up.

One of the best photo stick for mobile is the The PhotoStick Mobile.

  • Privacy Maintained

The PhotoStick Mobile is fully secured and keeps all your data private and safe.

The PhotoStick Mobile is completely hack-proof. The data is saved on the stick itself and not on any cloud.

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Technical Specifications

The PhotoStick Mobile comes in three ranges of memory, the least starting from 8gb, which can store up to 3,500 photos.

The 64gb model The PhotoStick Mobile can store up to 30,000 photos, and the 128gb model can store 60,000 photos.

The dimensions of The PhotoStick Mobile device are 0.91 x 2.16 x 0.35 inches.

It is a USB 3.0 flash drive with an aluminum design with a large storage capacity.

The PhotoStick Mobile can be used for saving images, videos, documents, and files.

It is a four-in-one device for you to keep all your important files in one place.

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How to Use The PhotoStick Mobile:

The PhotoStick Mobile is a very easy device to use to back up all your important files and photos.

All you need to do is keep your device on and plug in The PhotoStick Mobile, and it will automatically start looking for pictures and start backing them up.

You need not sit and manually select pictures and videos to back up.

The PhotoStick Mobile has a pre-installed software that automatically starts looking for pictures in your hard drive to back up.

The back-up process is also not like the ones in other storage devices; it is quite faster than the usual process.

You can buy The PhotoStick Mobile online for about $50 for the 8gb variant, and the prices vary according to the storage space provided.

The PhotoStick Mobile may have a hard time opening in rare cases, and if that is what is happening on your device, then you can follow these steps:

  • Go to My Computer or This PC
  • Double click on the photo stick icon, which will be listed under devices and drives.
  • To install the application double click on thePhotostickwindows.exe
  • Once the installation of the application is complete, then it will automatically be launched.

If you would like to use the The PhotoStick Mobile, you can download the The PhotoStick Mobile app from the Google Playstore or the Apple Appstore.

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Pros and Cons of The PhotoStick Mobile:

Every device comes with its advantages and disadvantages, and so does the best The PhotoStick Mobile for mobile devices. Here are some pros and cons reported by users:


The most obvious perk of this exquisite product is that it is super easy to use. Due to this, you may have to put next to zero efforts to use it.

You can now use this exquisite device to detect over thousands of pictures in less than a few seconds.

With the automated feature, your pictures and videos can be searched automatically.

It is a very streamlined device that plays an imperative role in organizing and searching files without your help.

The cost-effective product is a one-time investment. You won’t have to spend a single penny to buy another similar device anytime soon.

You also won’t have to spend unnecessarily on cloud storage, thereby saving up your time and money.

This device allows you to store up to 60,000 pictures with ease.

You don’t have to worry about your storage filling up as this device eliminates duplicate files from your phone.

It is extremely small in size and is portable for offering a delightful experience to the customers.


May not be able to replace the flash drive you previously used to back-up your photos.

Users complain about it finding photos that were not on their devices.

Hard to get a hand on it because it is not in stock most of the time.

May not work to its best potential on MAC when compared to PC.

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Reviews for The PhotoStick Mobile:

While many customers are awestruck by this product’s features and working, the most prominent factor that lured them into buying it is that it is comparatively cost-effective and durable.

You won’t have to desperately go looking for another device similar to this as this device Willa company you for quite a long time.

You don’t have to face any hassles as this device is fundamentally designed to make your life a bit simpler.

All you need to do is meticulously go through the instructions and you’re good to go.

Another element that might pique your interest is the sleek look of this device.

If you are somebody who loves to make use of sophisticated and breathtaking accessories, this device is the perfect fit for you.

From its exemplary looks to its extraordinary and remarkable features, you name it.

This product is super classy due to which you can carry it anywhere and everywhere without having to feel embarrassed.

Given below is a curated list of customer reviews to help you make a decision.

Customers are satisfied with The PhotoStick Mobile device and have given it five stars based on their experience.

They have stated that it is exactly what it claims to be.

The PhotoStick Mobile back-ups data within seconds, the feature that customers love the most.

Storage capacity is exceptional on the stick is what all customers said about The PhotoStick Mobile device.

The PhotoStick Mobile is highly recommended because it supports all types of files like JPG, PNG, JPEG, MP3, MOV, GIF, etc.

Customers say that they have no complaints regarding the functioning of the product, and they say that The PhotoStick Mobile works as the company stated it would.

It helps in deleting duplicate pictures with its advanced technology, which clears up space for more numbers of pictures to be added.

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How much does the The PhotoStick Mobile cost?

Due to an increase in demand by professionals, students, and employees, brands often try to keep the price as low as possible.

Frequently asked questions by the customers is regarding the amount of photos it can store and how long will it last?

If you are looking for a device to keep your photos safe, there is no need for you to look beyond The PhotoStick Mobile.

The PhotoStick Mobile costs around $59 after you get your hands on some excellent deals.

Otherwise, normally The PhotoStick Mobile will cost you about $100.

However, the prices do depend on the retailer and storage capacity.

The PhotoStick Mobile for iphone is a little more expensive when compared to The PhotoStick Mobile for android.

The price should not be a problem considering the functionality and quality the product has to offer.

It is worth the price, and also you need not have to replace it because it offers splendid quality.

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With the above-mentioned details on this product, it comes as no surprise that it beats most other storage devices in terms of a plethora of components.

This device not only works speedily but requires much next to zero efforts.

Whether you’re good with Technological devices or not, this device works miraculously to give you the most delightful experience of your lifetime.

You now don’t have to delete the pictures you absolutely adore.

Systematically store each picture and video that you wish to keep through this device.

Furthermore, you can carry it as an alternative to storing all your additional pictures every time your phone runs out of storage.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Yes, The PhotoStick Mobile will support all iOS devices, including the iPad and MAC.

  • How many photos can it store?

The PhotoStick Mobile comes in three different storage variants starting from the 8gb, which will be able to store around 3,500 photos, The 64gb model will be able to store 30,000 pictures, and the 128gb model will be able to store 60,000 pictures.

  • Will it last for three years?

The PhotoStick Mobile provides excellent quality, and it would definitely last more than three years.

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