Smart DOTs Review – Is This EMF Radiation Protection Work?

Smart DOTs Review: Don’t you feel that you are completely surrounded by devices?

Whenever you look around your room or any space, you will find at least 4-5 devices nearby.

These devices, no doubt, work for our benefit and surely make our life easier.

But there may be a cost to keeping these devices so close to us.

There are so many devices with one product for one work that you can’t even count the number of devices on your fingertips – Mobiles, iPads, television, speakers, ear chords, and the list goes on and on!

You often buy these electronic gadgets to make your life easier, and these devices surely fulfill their purpose, but they also come with a price.

All the electronic devices present near you generate harmful radiation.

Some devices, such as laptops, generate high radiation, causing your eyes to burn, and devices like speakers emit low-level radiations.

Since these harmful radiations are invisible to the naked eye, you need Smart DOTs, which will retune these radiations to no longer be harmful.

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What are the Smart DOTs?


Smart DOTs are a product that is a requirement in the current scenario.

It helps retune the radiations emitted by different electronic devices and provide you with a safe environment.

All electronic devices generate some kind of harmful radiation.

These radiations cause most of the medical problems – the sudden itching in your eyes, the pain you feel while using your laptops, and all the headaches you experience while working are some of them.

Smart DOTs is a product developed by a company named ‘Energydots.’

The company aims to provide a solution to different harmful radiations present near you and rid the environment of them.

It focuses on the digital revolution by inventing a solution to resolve the issue of harmful radiations.

The aim is not to eliminate the energy that surrounds us but to come up with a solution to counter it.

This development is quite important since removing all the gadgets from our surroundings is neither possible nor practical.

Though most of our time is devoted to using these gadgets, coming up with solutions to protect us with radiations seems fair and satisfactory.

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How does Smart DOTs work?

Smart DOTs are a 17 mm thin wafer-like device with Phi energy that interacts with radiations emitted by electronic products.

It is like a sticker that can be attached to all the electromagnetic radiation emitting devices that you use.

The device can coordinate with both Extremely Low Frequency(ELF) and Radio Frequency(RF) radiations.

It has magnetic discs and is a registered class one medical device.

The company is involved in different products with the same purpose, and Smart DOTs are equipped with their specific energy signature.

This energy serves as a shield between you and the frequencies generated by your devices.

The energy present in these discs allows the magnetic radiation to retune itself and can no longer be absorbed by the human body.

The radiation, when absorbed by the skin, can cause irritation and swelling.

This device is made to negate the effect of the radiations near you to create an environment free of harmful energies.

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How to use Smart DOTs?

Using Smart DOTs is quite easy. Follow the steps listed below to use it:

  • Identify the gadgets that you think contribute most to your mood change, anxiety, or even fatigue. Attach a Smart DOTs to all these gadgets, which add to your electro-stress.
  • To attach Smart DOTs, remove the product from its case and simply stick it on your device. There is no specific location where you have to stick this. Just choose a spot and gently stick it.
  • You can also attach this product at the back of your phone case or on your wifi router.
  • Now, all you have to do is use your products as you usually do and feel the difference that Smart DOTs has made to your surroundings.

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Benefits of Smart DOTs

Smart DOTs is readily available in the market and used by many professionals in different sectors. Following are some of the benefits which makes them worth buying:

  • Protects you from EMF radiations

Many of you are unaware of how much radiation your devices generate.

These electromagnetic radiations can harm your body more than any disease.

Smart DOTs acts as a guard between you and the radiation, not allowing your skin to absorb them.

  • Relieves unwanted symptoms

The harmful radiations which are emitted by devices are often responsible for your moods.

Anxiety, insecure, and discomfort in some surroundings is the result of these radiations.

Smart DOTs allow you to be yourself and protects you from these symptoms caused by the harmful radiations of your gadgets.

  • Long-lasting

You do not have to purchase Smart DOTs again and again.

Once stuck on the device, it can last forever and protect you from radiations, thereby creating a much more positive environment.

  • Easy handling

It is extremely easy to use this device.

You just have to choose a gadget and paste the Smart DOTs on it.

You can use your device normally without being disturbed by the presence of this device.

  • Tested, Researched and Proven

Smart DOTs is the outcome of long years of research and tests.

It is tested and proven by experts and completely fulfills all your requirements for creating a positive environment.

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Pros and Cons of Smart DOTs


  • Scientifically tested to keep away EM waves
  • Gold standard magnetic strip
  • Strong adhesive that lasts forever
  • Reasonably priced
  • Can be attached anywhere on the gadget


  • Cannot be removed from one device to be stuck on another device

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Smart DOTs User Reviews

smart dots reviews

“Being a part of the service sector, a majority of my work revolves around different gadgets. Not even a single second exists when I am not holding any device in my hand. The constant use of gadgets has contributed in fluctuating moods. Headache and pain in the eyes are bound to happen. One of my colleagues recommended this to me, and it’s quite effective. I now have full control over my moods and it helps me in concentrating more.”

“At first, I hesitated to use this product since it’s hard to believe that such products exist, and the price increased my doubts. But I gave it a shot, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. After using this on my laptop, the change is noticeable, and I purchased more for all of my devices. I also have got a great discount when buying in bulk.”

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Price and Purchase of Smart DOTs

Smart DOTs is extremely affordable and comes with the following prices:

  • Buy one at an affordable price of $19.99. Shipping and handling charges are added separately.
  • Buy two and get the third one free only for $39.98. Shipping and handling charges are added separately. (Save approximately $19.99)
  • Buy three and get two free only for $59.97. Shipping and handling charges are absolutely free and limited to American boundaries. (Save approximately $39.98)

Apart from these deals, the company offers some suitable different payment options as well.

You can easily pay through any credit card, including American Express and Visa.

For users looking for alternatives, Paypal is also one of the options available.

The company would require your credentials such as name and address, and the product will be delivered to you.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

This product is an absolute necessity and tries its best to create a suitable environment to work in.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with this, you can easily return it.

The company offers 90 days return period wherein you can return this and get your money back.

Ensure that you return this product in the same packaging it came in and with a valid receipt.

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The harmful electromagnetic radiation surrounding us is worrisome.

We certainly can’t decrease the use of gadgets since they make our lives easier, but we can’t ignore the repercussions either.

Having a safe gadget that comes with such an affordable price is something you can miss.

Since this device is made up of Phi energy, it is completely safe to use and works silently.

Several people are already using it.

Grab your Smart DOTs at easy prices today, and be free of the harm that these gadgets can cause.


Smart DOTs are magnetic discs that are completely safe for you to use.

They do not harm your skin since they only interact with radiations emitted by your electronic devices.

The unique energy signature present in these discs allows them to be completely safe from human contact and can be easily used by children as well.

The product is also safe for your devices. It does not harm your gadgets or interact with natural radiations.

  • Why should customers add Smart DOTs to their devices?

It is easy to succumb to electro-sensitivity, caused by constant exposure to the EMFs that wireless devices emit.

If an individual experiences regular headaches, difficulty with concentration, low energy, stress, depression, and discomfort, it is possible that they are experiencing electro-stress.

Smart DOTs are used to eliminate it.

It is very important to know the EMF radiation dangers and why protection is a necessary cause when we are surrounded by electronic devices and WiFi internet signals nearly all day long.

To learn more about the way that EMFs can affect the body, view Smart DOTs research here.

Yes, this product is well researched and is scientifically proven.

It has already been tested by experts and is currently being used by thousands of Americans.

Yes, Smart DOTs is completely safe to use around children and toddlers as well.

You just have to stick the product on your devices and you won’t even feel it’s there.

This product also does not harm your skin and counteracts electromagnetic radiation only.

  • Where should I stick this on my device?

You can stick Smart DOTs anywhere on the device.

In the case of mobile phones, you can even stick this beneath the phone cover on the back of the phone.

  • What kind of discount do I get when buying more than one?

You can buy two Smart DOTs and get one free, or order three Smart DOTs and get two absolutely free.

When buying three, the shipping and handling charges will also be zero.

  • How long will one Smart DOTs protect consumers from the device?

One Smart DOTs works for the lifetime of the device that it attaches to.

Replacement is only necessary if the Smart DOTs are damaged.

  • Can a Smart DOTs be taken off of one phone and placed on another?

If necessary, Smart DOTs can be removed.

However, the adhesive is incredibly strong, and it may be difficult to move it between devices more than once.

  • How can the customer service team be reached?

For any other questions about Smart DOTs, the customer service team can be reached with an email to

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