Photo Stick Reviews – Is Photo Stick A Scam?

Do Not Buy The Photo Stick Before You Read this Honest Review!

Do Not Waste Your Money, Does The Photo Stick Really Work?

Find out the facts, advantages disadvantages before you make a decision if you like to purchase The Photo Stick.

Is losing your pictures the biggest nightmare for you too?

Well, then you are exactly like me.

I had the same fear that what if 1 day I wake up and see that my phone has lost all its data or if my laptop has crashed, and all my pictures are deleted.

Then, what will I do?

That is when I found out about the Photo Stick.

Initially, I was not sure if I really want this product because there are countless such products on the internet.

However, my perception changed only after I had used this item.

So, without delaying much, lets take you on my journey of using the Photo Stick.

It will give you an idea of the pros and cons, and if you should use the product.

Before I delve into the details, be prepared to note that this product is a blessing to mankind!

This analysis of the Photo Stick will provide insight into both the smartphone and desktop models, and I hope you learn enough to make the right decision at the end.

What is Photo Stick?

The Photo Stick Instantly Backup Your Photos Videos In One Click, Photo Stick offers a brilliant and convenient way of backing up photos and videos, quickly and efficiently.

This Photo Stick Review will go over all the important facts about The Photo Stick helping you to make a wise decision if this back device will be a good fit for your needs.

The Photo Stick is a compact and lightweight USB thumb drive designed to backup your photos by finding them through a thorough archive scan.

To use The Photo Stick, no technical know-how is needed.

The Photo Stick is a groundbreaking device designed to back up information in seconds.

It looks just like a pen drive.

It contains software that scans over storage for photos you missed.

Not only does The Photo Stick work on images, but it can also locate photos and video recordings.

The Photo Stick can keep your photos and videos safe and protected in its memory (up to 60,000 of them, and this is a crazy amount).

How does the Photo Stick work?

Don’t trouble yourself, The Photo Stick not only looks like a regular pen drive but also works like one.

I like this product specifically because it works automatically.

It detects images, videos, and audio, and can store all of them in its compact design.

All you need to do is insert The Photo Stick into one of the ports, and let it work its magic.

It usually takes a few seconds on the machine before a window opens up.

By pressing the Go button, it efficiently offers the hard drive access to The Photo Stick.

Other Photo Stick reviews also highlight how well this tool is performing on both photos and other media types.

Not only can it work easily, but it can also locate any images saved on your hard drive and make backups of those photos.

Photo Stick Features

  • It scans, as well as all the files, are organized.
  • It checks, detects, and eliminates duplicates immediately so you can save on memory.
  • One-Click Backup Compatible with all media formats
  • No Internet Required
  • Fast Media Recovery-1000s Within a few minutes of images and video data.
  • It can be accessed from a PC or a Mac on the USB Info.
  • Backup is at the convenience and discretion of your files. You will save as much time as you want.
  • It doesn’t need any Database backups or passwords. Not Necessary To Know The Files And Folders Location.
  • Its the expense of one day.

The Photo Stick Pros Cons


Compact and Handy The Photo Stick is a really small and handy tool, with a size of regular USB pen drive, you can use the device with your laptop while travelling.

Saves Monthly Expense If you buy The Photo Stick, you will only spend once, and that is it.

Secure It safeguards you against device failures and data corruption.

Simple and Reliable It is durable and designed for simple use.

The Photo Stick is very reliable, so there should be no troubleshooting problems.

Efficiency It quickly does its job, saving you a lot of precious time.

Holds the memories for you The Photo Stick guarantees the preservation of your images and videos because your machine can fail at any moment, or can be hit by a virus and then all photographs will be gone.

I Want to be honest with you and would like to point out some shortcomings of the product.

You should know everything to decide if its the best photo stick;

Super fast Back-up Just plug the device to your laptop, and it will take the same amount of time for The Photo Stick to back up your photos as it took you for reading this sentence.

Thousands of files that you can back-up The Photo Stick comes in various variants of 8 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB where you can store more than 60,000 files.

Runs automatically The Photo Stick doesn’t ask for much attention, it’s a one time thing where it asks for setup and then it automatically does its job without any need of cross checking

Files just a click away In the sea of photos, videos and documents you can easily search for any file with just a click, thanks to the search option!

No twinning If by any mistake you back up the same file twice, The Photo Stick will automatically delete one of the duplicated files.

User- Friendly Anyone can use the device as it is that easy to maneuver.

Worth the price If there is one thing that The Photo Stick does absolute justice with is the price of it.


With great features comes some bad reviews.

The Photo Stick is not a device like a perfect device like the wheel, but its still revolutionary.

Here are some downfalls of the device:

Difficult to get hands on The Photo Stick is only available on the online platforms, and due to this reason it gets out of stock within a short period of time.

Though the company is trying to increase production but this step will take a lot of time as the set up of factories and all other factors pitch in to hinder the production.

At this moment getting The Photo Stick is a game of luck.

No 32 GB variant The Photo Stick comes in three variants of 8 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.

These three variants are good but 16 GB variants are often the choice for many customers.

Lacks instruction manual Although it is very easy to use, there might be an issue with the fact that the previous versions don’t have an instructions manual.

You’ll have to figure out everything about this tool for yourself.

There’s not much to it, but the less tech-savvy would need to do a little research.

Limited Options There isn’t enough stock of The Photo Stick; it runs out of stock as soon as it arrives.

Also, the product lacks a 32gb variant, which is usually a standard issue.

The Benefits Photo Stick Offers

The Photo Stick installation only requires inserting the drive into the computer, everything after that Photo Stick will handle.

The whole process will take around 10-20 minutes, it actually depends on the amount of the files you have to transfer.

There is no need of manually selecting the flies and saving it to the cloud, it will be done automatically by the device.

With The Photo Stick you can forget the command “ctrl+c” “ctrl+v”.

The Photo Stick will also get rid of the duplicate files, so you dont have to search for the twin one and delete it manually.

Once the file has been backed up, you can look into the file anywhere with any other PC.

Other Benefits Photo Stick Offer

  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Takes regular backup
  • Can store a minimum of 60,000 files
  • Saves storage by screening out duplicates
  • Convenient search option for media
  • Comes with a 30-day warranty
  • Free Delivery on eligible orders
  • Affordable prices
  • No monthly premium, it is a one-time investment

Technical Specifications of The Photo Stick

You should let The Photo Stick do the job for you instead of wasting hours filtering through your files, and going through duplicates.

The Photo Stick has the technology of plug-and-play, meaning that all you need to do is plug it into your computer and hit the button when prompted.

No other method of backup is that easy.

Since the minimum capacity will accommodate up to 60,000 images, a Photo Stick is preferable to disk storage.

It can save a wide array of file types, including both photographs and videos.

You can save MOV, JPEG, PNG, GIF, MPEG 4, as well as BMP, TIFF, and AVI files easily.

The Photo Stick is compatible with older and new machines running a Windows operating system, as opposed to its predecessors.

This works on both Windows XP, Vista and 7 series, and new Windows 8 and 10 versions.

You’ll also be doing it on a Mac running at least 10.6 versions of any OS.

This is perfect for use in that old computer you had in college or high school.

As long as you run one of those operating systems and have a USB port, you can restore all your old videos and pictures using it.

Why choose the Photo Stick?

The most focal perk of this product is that it is one of the most prominent and effective tools for successfully transferring files for backup.

While the struggle of losing out on your favorite and cherishing pictures can be saddening, you have nothing to be sad about.

The Photo Stick chiefly works to give you the most valuable and worthwhile experience of a lifetime.

The operation of this product is another reason why you should choose it.

It is profoundly easy and convenient to access.

Now, encounter the most hassle-free experience of using this product.

  • Can store massive amounts of files

Another compelling and striking feature of this distinctive product is that it gives you the ultimate benefit of storing over 60000 pictures and videos despite its substantially tiny size.

What better than having the flexible chance of carrying around a light-weight and efficient storage device to store all of your pics and vids anytime, anywhere, right?

  • Say bye-bye to an Internet connection

You might already be familiar with the not so fun-loving fact that almost every storage device requires a very strong internet connection.

Not this one, however!

You can now not only backup all your pictures without any internet but all access them without it.

It is that simple.

The unique product fits well for iOS and Android devices and gives you the superior perk of using it without any internet at all.

  • Availability of A myriad of formats

One of the most daunting and disinteresting factors about several storage devices is that they come with only one format type for storage.

Due to this, your files may get converted into that respective format.

In instances like this, accessing your files in the near future can be extremely difficult, sometimes even impossible.

The Photo Stick offers the benefit of storing your images, photos, and other crucial files in their respective formats so that you can access them with ease.

How To Use The Photo Stick?

If you assume that Photo Stick works sort of like a regular flash drive would, you are mostly right.

You will have to create positive that your pc is on and running before you inject the tool into one in all those pc ports.

It’ll mostly take many seconds before a window starts.

This window can have a button within the center with Go.

Then it provides the tool permission to access your Winchester drive.

Photo Stick will take anyplace a moment or over 1 / 4 of the associate hour, and it will support whatever quantity of video and photos files you’ve on your pc, and therefore overall speed and power of your pc devices are standard as well.

Reviews for the Photo Stick

The Photo Stick Mobile may be a tiny thumb drive that instantly backs up all of your videos images files from iPhone and most iOS devices.

Its easy to use, and it will do all the lengthy and challenging work for you.

After I connected The Photo Stick for my iPhone, all the photos automatically were picked and secured.

Who is it for?

This tool is useful to everyone, but it is especially helpful to people who are not very familiar with electronics.

If you’ve been dealing with using laptops, iPads, and other tech gadgets in the past, then this software is perfect for you.

Using it should be so quick you will not have any trouble plugging in it and working out how to store or use the files later on.

You can plug in the app to any compatible smartphone to access and manage your photos, files, songs, and documents.

When you plug in the computer, a window will pop up on most computers.

There all the data you have saved on any device can be used and used.

It means you can take details from one device or phone and connect it to another.

Its like having your entire computer with you, making it a lifesaver for anyone who has to do research on-the-go or who has to access personal files while traveling.

Its likewise a perfect commodity for any photography enthusiast.

You can store so many pictures here that you can never run out of space completely.

No need to think about keeping several devices in place.

Just stack it all in one place.

You re likely to save money on storage devices and have a much easier time figuring out what you’re looking for when all is in one place.

How Much does The Photo Stick cost?

You re probably wondering just now how much to spend on buying The Photo Stick.

The Photo Stick comes in small, medium, and large sizes, as I have already described.

The business breaks as follows:

The small version of The Photo Stick, which has 8 GB of storage and can store up to 3,500 Photographs, costs $34.99.

The medium version of The Photo Stick, which has 64 GB of storage and can store up to 30,000 photographs, costs $49.99. That’s 40% off the original price.

The big version of The Photo Stick, which has 128 GB of storage and can store up to 60,000 photographs, costs $79.99. That’s 50% off the original price.

It is relatively cheap and charges less than any other flash drive.

You should select one that suits your needs and compatibility with your device.

The developers behind The Photo Stick assure that if you do not enjoy the price and facilities nearly as much as others do and the product fails to meet your standards, the company will grant a request for a refund.

Amazon also offers discounts for those who have purchased a Photo Stick from the online site.

Money-Back Guarantee

The developers behind The Photo Stick know that some shoppers wont adore it as much as others do.

If the product fails to satisfy your expectations, you’ll be able to request a refund from the corporate that produces it.

If you provide a smart reason, then Photo Stick will grant refunds.

Other Photo Stick Products

While Photo Stick 8 and other tools are excellent for users today, the company also makes some other gadgets and tools that you can use.

One option is The Photo Stick mobile app.

This is an app that works for your phone and with the associated gadget.

Though this gadget looks similar to the classic Photo Stick, it does not come with the same USB end.

The manufacturer knows that newer phones do not have space for a USB port and offers tools that will fit in the port that your phone has.

It can backup thousands of pictures and gives you a safe place to store your files.

You can download The Photo Stick for Android and iPhones.

The Photo Stick mobile reviews are quite positive and point out that it does an excellent job of backing up files found on most phones.

You can pick from different sizes that include up to 64 GB of storage.

All The Photo Stick mobile models are compatible with Android and Apple phones.

There is also a device called The Photo Stick Plus, which looks like an external hard drive and comes with a USB plug.

It has one terabyte of storage and can hold up to 100,000 photos or a great combination of videos and other files.

The Plus model is more expensive than the standard model though and may have more space than you need.

Alternatives for Photo Stick

If for a few reasons, you opt that either of that merchandise wont meet your desires, there are some excellent options out there.

Whereas their square measure masses to decide on from, we tend to compile an inventory of the highest three, that well mention a lot of below.

You’ll even be ready to see a comparison chart that will allow you to see the options quickly and while not an excessive amount of reading.

  • SanDisk Cruzer 256GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive

The second variation is the SanDisk Cruzer 256GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive.

This 256GB flash drive will hinder 14,400 photos, 640 minutes of video, 16,000 songs, and 64GB of files or documents.

Its sufficiently small to hold anyplace, while not being therefore little that you simply act.

Its also encrypted with a 128-bit AES software system, that helps make sure that your files square measure safe.

The coding conjointly comes with an additional layer of security, that could be a needed watchword to access data.

SanDisk contains a two-year limited assurance that provides you lots of time to exchange if need be.

  • SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive 128GB

Alternative variety three is that the SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive 128GB.

This USB flash drive could be a bit different than others as a result of its created specifically for iPhone and iPad devices.

This implies you cant use it with golem phones or devices sort of a portable computer or PC.

Additionally, the adapter contains a versatile half that produces it doable to figure with the bulk of iPhone cases.

With 128GB of cupboard space, youll expect to get 7,200 photos, 320 minutes of video, 8,000 songs, and 32GB of file area.

If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad and want to transfer some files, this is often a fantastic choice


You won’t believe me, but I wrote this review after a considerable time of using The Photo Stick.

It turned out to be the answer to all my backup and storage troubles.

This little gadget sets up quickly and performs a safe backup for all your media files, including photos, pictures, and others, it is best to use The Photo Stick.

That process of safeguarding cherished memories has never been easier and more affordable.

A stick that does wonders for its size and does all the work of digging out and organizing.

Hard Drive failure is inevitable, no matter how careful you are with these things.

You may spill water on your screen, or drop your laptop by losing your balance on the stairs.

Hard drive crashes are common and can also occur because of a virus that you downloaded unknowingly, or the hardware of the device has died.

In fact, certain viruses can take over all of the operating systems and block you from accessing your files.

The Photo Stick is a useful tool that anybody can use.

So, as long as you have a USB port on your laptop, you can easily plug it in and start backup of all your data.

If your program ever crashes, you’ll have backups of those files available.

It deals well for videos and images and is compatible with most plugins and formats, but it can also backup music files and documents.

The majority of the reviews on Photo Stick I came across were positive.

This feedback encouraged us to feel comfortable motivating readers to find a simple and secure way to back up their systems.

I hope you know enough about the device to try it because I know its a big investment.


  • Can I use multiple devices that have several videos and photos?

Absolutely! The most impressive feature of this remarkable product is that you need only a single one of them to store a plethora of memorable pictures from varied devices.

To make it easier for you, The Photo Stick systematically divides and organizes these pictures in varied folders so that you can access them with ease.

Your conventional drives don’t often offer such features until and unless you spend hefty amounts of money to buy sophisticated additional hard drives.

Here is where The Photo Stick comes handy.

  • Can I use this product with Mac?

Yes, The Photo Stick is deliberately designed to work with all sorts of devices and format types.

You can now use it on iOS or Android devices.

Be it Mac or a Windows laptop, grab your hands on this product and it won’t disappoint.

  • Is 30-day money-back guarantee authentic?

Yes, one of the most vital and satisfying elements of these products is that you can get a 30-day money-back guarantee right after your product is delivered.

Therefore, if your product is in new condition (unopened), or has a potential manufacturing defect, you are very well liable for a refund.

  • How does this product work?

The Photo Stick primarily aims to help users save their time drastically by chiefly operating and administering all the functions without needing your help.

You don’t have to manually choose your respective pictures or videos one by one.

The device, moreover, works speedily to process the back up so that you don’t have to wait for hefty amounts of time.

  • Do you need to install some software?

The Photo Stick comes with built-in apps to organize videos and files and back them up.

No need to install the device on your screen.

File scanning operates first, and then copies.

The fact you don’t have to install anything; implies that it is simple to use the device that will take the shortest time to start the backup process.

Have you ever uploaded photos from your phone to your pc and forgot to alter the file names before saving them?

Most systems can assign a name to those photos that grasp numbers if you want to seek out a selected image later and cannot keep in mind the name connected or might have a tough time finding that image.

Photo Stick reviews usually signify; however, well, this widget works on each picture and alternative styles of files.

It completely works quickly. However, it will find any photos saved on your Winchester drive and make backups of these pictures.

The Photo Stick works best on JPEG files.

As long as the pc saves those files during this format, you’ll be able to realize them.

It’ll work on data collected in MOV and MPEG4 formats.

You’ll be able to adapt the tool and appearance for alternative file varieties like PNG photos too.

Many of the pictures you transfer from the net or those you take and edit might use this format.

It will do an excellent job of memorizing those photos, too, that keeps it from making new backups of identical files.

  • How Many Photos are you able to Save?

Many shoppers have a standard question concerning what number photos and alternative documents they’ll keep a copy with the assistance of this device.

The solution is that it depends on the model we tend to obtain.

Amazon offers a very cheap model, which is a Photo Stick 8.

This model provides 8 GB of storage that stores up to five hundred pictures.

The Photo Stick 64 model has 64 GB of storage and should delay to 30,000 photos.

We will know Photo Stick 128, which is the largest model on the market.

It will hold 60,000 pictures and offers 128 GB of memory for storing.

The chances are good that even when reading regarding this coding tool that you simply still aren’t quite sure what to try to do with it.

Once you take away the Stick from its packaging, you’ll see that its a tiny low cap on the highest.

You would like to open this cover to reveal the USB stick that extends out from the tool.

When finding a free port on your pc, merely insert the Stick into that port.

Most computers can mechanically acknowledge the device and issue a window that allows you to run it.

If you do not see this window, you should open My pc and there you can use the USB icon.

It ought to show that there’s one thing within that port.

Once you double-click thereon, the pc can authorize The Photo Stick code to run.

If you’ve got a waterproof that wont run the Stick, you’ll seek for the USB possibility on your pc.

You furthermore might have the choice of gaping your file manager and writing the extension name of the Stick into the box, which can force it to run.

Once it finishes running, you can remove the Stick or transfer it prevented into you.

Hard Drives mostly fails to identify. Mobile Phones fail all the time, one drop and you’ll lose all of your files.

This tool doesn’t need web affiliation further. It doesn’t have something to try and do with the cloud, which makes it safe.

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